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What is Palamboo:

Palamboo is a child development system through toy books for ages 0-5. The books make mum's life easier, adding essential elements for child's intellectual and emotional development into the natural game process, forming good taste and promoting love for reading. All this expands the little child’s range of opportunities in the future, as curiosity, mental flexibility and memory are stimulated in the game process — no tension or displeasure involved. Interaction with the books is intuitive, so you won't have to study complicated guidelines. For visible results, 5-20 minutes of playing a day will be enough.

How do we do Palamboo:

Palamboo — handmade production. They are sustainable: multi-functional and almost entirely made of non-toxic and easy-to-process materials.

Behind each book, there are six months of preparations and the work of an entire team: first, the idea is born, discussed with the illustrator, then come the sketches that are modified in cooperation with the author of idea. Later on, the product engineer selects safe and diverse materials. Finally, the manufacture produces a test example.

During the production process, a focus group of parents and children test how comfortable, user-friendly and of high quality the test examples are. Only after that, a batch of books is made.
Unique magnetic planners Palamboo:

Two years ago, we, like families around the world, were in quarantine: suffering from restrictions and chaos and trying to adapt to the ongoing changes and help children adapt to this. In those days, I noticed that with a clear plan for the day, my four-year-old Leo feels much calmer. The quarantine has passed, but the desire to learn how to make plans with the children remains. How does a parent usually try to organize a child? The endless repetition of the same thing, reminders and answers to the questions “when is Saturday already?”. It is not easy for a child to memorize all this information by ear, and he does not want to memorize it, he wants to play.

That's why we came up with the Palamboo My Week play planner.
It helps in an understandable to the child way get acquainted with the principles of planning and the organization of the week. Not learning for the sake of learning, but adapting to the world, delineating its boundaries. This can be compared with pocket money, only here we give out "pocket" time, which the child can manage independently.

We truly consider our planners to be a unique product. We have included the most complete set of magnets in the basic sets, which will suit everyone. With it, you can not only plan regular creative and sports activities, but also such important but rare things as the departure of one of the parents on a business trip or going to the doctor. The combination of comfort and durability of use and incredibly stylish design is what distinguishes our planners from all other products of this type.
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