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Сomposition and care

Quality and safeness
Each Palamboo book is created by hand, and all materials and tailoring technologies are chosen so that the book is as durable and easy to use as possible. All important elements are securely fixed, the pages are flexible and easy to scroll through. We control the quality of each educational book before sending it to the customer.
Fabrics and materials
When creating the book, only safe materials with different textures are used: cotton, felt, plush, faux fur, knitwear, satin, neoprene, mesh, wood and silicone. Different texture - different tactile experience!
In addition, our books do not contradict the principles of responsible consumption: they are multifunctional and consist almost entirely of harmless and easily recyclable materials.
Mobility and compactness
Our little books pack a ton of ways to play, so they're great to take with you on the road or somewhere your little one might get bored.
Books are great travel companions!
We repair our books.
And we also provide duplicates of lost parts.
Contact us for information.
Use and care
The book is intended to be played in the presence of an adult.
The book can be washed in warm water.
We do not recommend washing books in the washing machine.