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Magnetic planner «My week»
42×37 cm

How to make planning of your child’s week a fun and rewarding activity? With the help of our magnetic weekly calendar, your child together with you can plan his week ahead in an interesting and fun way using the beautifully illustrated magnetic activity cards, provided in the set.

What is the benefit? A weekly calendar with a clear and visually understandable set of activities manages the child's expectations, which means gives him a sense of security and stability.

The magnet planner is ideal for children from 3 years old, after the routine is already set. During that time, the Palamboo planner will become an important tool in scheduling and planning the child’s weekly activities.

What's in the set?
— magnetic board in a stylish wooden frame,
— a basic set of magnets (80 different activities for every day),
— monthly magnets,
— wooden box for organizing and storing magnets,
— whiteboard marker.

You can complete this set by choosing the magnets you need from the drop-down list above this description.

Please note, that it will take up to 6 weeks to deliver you weekly planner.

Handmade, 1 year warranty, quality control.
Composition: wood, steel, vinyl magnet cards.
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