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Palamboo Ocean Book
20×20 cm

Watch a video review of the book

Best long-lasting toy for playing at home!

This handmade soft busy book in minimalistic Scandinavian design consists of:
- 21 toy elements
- 16 kinds of materials
- Finger puppet character travelling across the pages
- A lot of Velcro fastened details, lacing!
- Helps the child learn about ocean world
- Teaches the child colours, count, shapes

Look how detailed it is, hand embroidery, wide variety of materials make it so cute.

During the game process, your child explores colours, shapes, count; studies a range of emotions. The book’s main character, Timmy the octopus, a finger puppet travelling across the book pages, helps the child explore ocean world and its inhabitants.

Playing with the book characters lays the groundwork for developing imagination later. The names of the objects, their shapes and colours, help develop logic and abstract thinking. A common activity with an adult, exciting for both participants, aids emotional intellect development. At an older age, this effect can be heightened through replaying the day’s events, which spurred complicated emotions in the child, with the help of the book characters.

We are using not only highest quality felt, 100% pure premium cotton and hypoallergenic feeling, our book contains 16 KINDS OF MATERIALS for active sensory play and tactile experience!

How to play:
  1. Discover all the toy elements and their purposes;
  2. Find out what challenges await the little octopus on every page;
  3. Learn how all the objects in the book are called, what qualities and characters they have.

The book is suitable for children aged 2-5.
Handmade, guarantee included, quality control.
Made of safe and hypoallergic materials.

The book is for playing in the presence of an adult.

Ingredients and care guidelines
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