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Palamboo Jungle & Lemur Set: –15%

The set includes two Palamboo books at once: Lemur soft toy book with a hanging and Jungle book about the real world of the wild jungle.

A 15% discount two-book set is a great option for those who love everything at once. Twice as many stories and images, squeakers, rustlers and other elements that will keep your little one busy for a long time!

What is special about Palamboo soft books?
  • Tactile perception is the most important way for a small child to experience the world, so in the books we use up to 15 different textures, each of which gives the child a new tactile experience.
  • There are many details in our books that can be bent, pulled and squeezed. Playing with them, the child develops fine motor skills. This is very important for the formation of speech in the future.
  • There are no removable parts in the Lemur toy book, all elements are firmly fixed. And in Palamboo Jungle, the first velcro heroes and other inhabitants appear, which can be hidden in dense foliage. Thus, the set will last 2 times longer, corresponding to different stages of development of the child and his new skills and interests!

How to play:
  1. Leaf through the pages, studying the book's inhabitants;
  2. Look through and touch various textures and surfaces, studying their qualities (smooth, soft, scratchy);
  3. Grab, pull, taste;
  4. Reproduce the sounds that animals and objects make in the book;
  5. Come up with stories about each book's inhabitant, piecing them together into a plot.

The books are suitable for children aged 0-3.
Handmade, guarantee included, quality control.
Made of safe and hypoallergic materials.

The books are for playing in the presence of an adult.

Ingredients and care guidelines
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Palamboo Jungle & Lemur Set: -15%
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