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Palamboo Mini Book
11×11 cm

2 690
Our handmade little book is the perfect option to try Palamboo products. It is convenient to take with when you go for a walk, as it comes with a pram fastener and its elements are safely fixed.

Palamboo Mini is created with little child's development in mind: contrasting combination of black and white, as well as a limited amount of large elements. There is no complicated story in the book, but rather a unifying theme of flight and sky.

- 13 toy elements
- 12 kinds of materials
- Sound effects: squeakers and rattlers
- Comes with an elastic fastener

We are using not only highest quality felt, 100% pure premium cotton and hypoallergenic feeling, our book contains 12 KINDS OF MATERIALS for active sensory play and tactile experience!

All Palamboo books and toys are packed in cartoon boxes. We prefer using eco-friendly materials. We don't use plastic in packaging.

How to play:
  1. Leaf through the pages, studying the book's inhabitants;
  2. Look through and touch various textures and surfaces, studying their qualities (smooth, soft, scratchy);
  3. Grab, pull, taste;
  4. Reproduce the sounds that animals and objects make in the book;
  5. Come up with stories about each book's inhabitant, piecing them together into a plot.

The book is also a great gift for a mother-to-be!

The book is suitable for children aged 0-2.
Handmade, guarantee included, quality control.
Made of safe and hypoallergic materials.

The book is for playing in the presence of an adult.

Ingredients and care guidelines
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